Star's Light Liberia provide your basic need in technology. We believe that with technology, your business can grow, people will locate you, people will have confident to work with your institution. We are also here to give you the best online platform for your business.

We Build your Education Platform

We build your Mobile Apps

We develop the best apps your business. It can be build for desktop, android, and IOs that best suit your business. We also build apps for schools for student and use, even for staffs

We build your School Website

We develop school website that will enable your school to reach of to others in and around your community. This give the school a unique display of modern system. We also build it to allow students' login system if you wish.

Meet Our Printing Press Team

Flomo Wolobah
Dave E. Dahn, Jr.
Lee Yarkpaoh
Legend Designer
Alex Singbay
Ernest Wheagar
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